• These are Situationist Times: A Symposium on Topology, Culture and Politics. University of Oslo and Kunsthall Oslo. Invited lecture. Paper: “On Rat Mazes, Dynamic Labyrinths, and Network Diagrams.” (28 Jan.)
  • Lose Yourself! Conference on Labyrinthine Exhibitions as Curatorial Model. Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. Invited lecture. Paper: “Rat Mazes and Dynamic Labyrinths.” (Feb. 3).
  • The Musealization of Experimental Film: Historiographical Questions. Invited Lecture. Paper: “Disappearing Acts.” (April 4.)


  • “Three Exchanges, or The Abbreviated Movement of Capital.” Invited lecture in University Faculty Seminar. Art History Dept., Columbia University. (March 28).
  • “A Network is a Mode of Being”: Towards a Political Geometry of Contemporary Art,”  Lecture at conference Gerade Gebogen – Herrschaft der Geometrie über die Linie?, IFK, Vienna  (January 21).


  • Book launch of Zachary Formwalt, Three Exchanges. Sans Seriffe, Amsterdam. (December 3).
  • LENS series: Screening of Zachary Formwalt’s ‘An Unknown Quantity’ followed by a conversation between the artist and Eric de Bruyn. University of Leiden. (December 1).
  • Screening/discussion with Sven Lutticken on the recent work of Stan Douglas. Wiels, Brussels. (October 14).
  • Video Matters conference. Ludwig Forum, Aachen. Guest speaker. Paper: The Séance: The Screening as Performative Event (September 25).
  •  Ecrans exposés. Session: Temps et politique de l’image. Lecture series organized by Riccardo Venturi. Institut national d’histoire de l’art, Paris. Invited lecture: “Time Lapse, or the Abbreviated Movement of Capital.” (June 17).
  •  Sigmar Polke Filmsymposium. Museum Ludwig, Cologne. Invited lecture: “Polke’s Spectral Media.” (June 13)
  • “Media Activism.” Presentation and video screening at LIMA, Amsterdam. (May 26).
  • Guest seminar and lecture: “Three Exchanges.” Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH. (April 16).


  •  Conversation with Melanie Gilligan and The Otolith Group. CASCO, Utrecht (November 14).
  •  Seminar with Anthony McCall. Eye Film Institute, Amsterdam (September 29)
  •  Allegory. Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft conference, Villa Vigoni, Lake Como (May 19-23). Guest speaker.Paper: “Bateau/Tableau/Drapeau”
  • LENS lecture series. Leiden University (November 4 & 27, December 3). Organizer and chair of sessions. (Speakers: T.J. Demos, Sven Lütticken, Philippe-Alain Michaud, Ursula Frohne)


  •  Kunstgeschichtlichkeit: Historicity and Anachronism in Contemporary Art. University of Applied Arts, Vienna (October 18). Guest Speaker. Paper: “Empire’s Hologram.”
  • Public conversation with Stan Douglas. Wiels Centre for Contemporary Art, Brussels (September 30).
  • Regards sur l’Expanded Cinema: Art, film et video. INHA, Paris (June 28). Guest speaker. Paper: “Real Images: A Genealogy of Expanded Cinema.”
  • Entanglements: Urban Trajectories. CASCO, Utrecht (June 12). Guest Seminar.
  • Historical Displacements and Vital Narratives after the American Century. Courtauld Institute, London (May 18). Guest speaker.Paper: “Real Images, or the Expanded Empire of Cinema.”
  • Séances: The Cinematic Event. Columbia University, N.Y. (April 4). Conference chair. Paper: “The Séance: Genealogy of a Filmic Event.”


  • Reading Films: Read-in Seminar. (Jan. 24) Casco: Office for Art, Design and Theory, Utrecht. Guest Seminar.
  • Premiere of Wendelien van Oldenborgh’s Bete & Deise, International Film Festival Rotterdam. (Jan. 27) Public conversation with the artist. Announcement
  • Annual Conference. College Art Association, Los Angeles (Feb. 23). Panel: Mobile Spectatorship in Film/Video Installations. Co-Chair with Ursula Frohne, University of Cologne.
  • Séances: Performing Film. Museum Moderner Kunst, Vienna (March 14). Presentation.
  • Rethinking Robert Smithson. University of Leiden & Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (March 30). Panel: The Cinematic Condition. Chair. Announcement
  • Conversation with Olivier Assayas. Dissent! & Argos: Centre for Art and Media, Brussels (November 22).


  • What is a Path? Forms of Movement in a Global World. Institute for Theory, Zurich Academy of Art. Guest Speaker. Paper: “Uneven Seas, Notes on a Political Mythology of Maritime Space, Part Two”
  • Cinema and the Audio-Visual Apparatus: Discourses and Practices. Doctoral School, History and Esthetics of Cinema, Morges, Switzerland. Guest speaker. Paper: “Apparatus Sum: The Ends of Apparatus Theory”
  • Award Ceremony, Hendrik Cabot Prize. City Hall, Rotterdam. Guest speaker on the work of Wendelien van Oldenborgh.
  • Seeing Studies Workshop. Casco, Utrecht. Public conversation with Natascha Sadr Haghighian and Ahskan Sepahvand.
  • Hiding Making – Showing Making: Strategies in Artistic Practice from the 19th to the 21st Centuries. Rijksakademie, Amsterdam. Guest speaker. Paper: “The Empty Studio: Bruce Nauman’s Studio Films”
  • Talking Film. Stedelijk Museum. Public conversation with Morgan Fisher.


  • Perform a Lecture! The Office, Berlin. Public conversation with Dan Graham, Nicolas Guagnini, Felix Ensslin, Ellen Blumenstein.
  • Theory Talks – The Modes of History (with Keith Moxey and Donald Preziosi).Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. Moderator.
  • Minor Photography. The Case of (Post)Surrealist Photography. Lieven Gevaert Reseach Centre for Photography. Keynote speaker. Paper: “Entertaining Conceptual Art.”


  • Dialogues with Others: A Symposium with Hubert Damisch. University of Amsterdam, 28-29 May 2009. Organizer.


  • The Past and the Present (with Stephen Bann). Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam. Moderator.
  • The Brussels Biennial Debate (with Chantal Mouffe, Michael Hardt, Molly Nesbit, Boris Groys, Charles Esche). DeBuren, Brussels. Moderator.
  • Landmark Exhibitions: Contemporary Art Shows Since 1968, Tate Modern, London. Respondent and Moderator.Panel: “Exhibition Transcriptions.”
  • Offscreen/Onscreen, Art History Institute, University of Cologne and Kunstverein Cologne. Guest speaker.Lecture: “A Show of Hands: The Films of Richard Serra”
  • Past Post Production, ARTIS, ‘s Hertogenbosch. Guest Speaker. Presentation on Michael Asher.


  • The Current State of Art History, Royal Netherlands  Academy of Arts and Sciences, Amsterdam. Panelist.
  • Art/Documentary: Godard, Warhol, Farocki, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen. Panelist. Paper: “Outer and Inner Space: Feedback Models in Warhol, Serra and Graham”
  • Current Developments in Audio-Visual Culture: A Roundtable Discussion, University of Groningen. Panelist.
  • Art ‘In-Formation’: Communication Aesthetics and Network Structures in Art from the 1960s, Museum for Modern Art, Bremen (November 30). Keynote speaker. Paper: “Dynamic Labyrinths and Network Errors: Trajectories of the 1960s.” Lecture also presented at the Louvre, Paris.
  • Documentation, Demonstration, Dematerialization, University of California, Berkeley. Panelist. Paper: “Film Redux: Michael Asher, 1973/2005.” Prior versions of paper presented at Orchard, New York (2007) and Extra City, Antwerp (2006)
  • Het oeuvre van de kunstenaar: van kunsthistorisch begrip tot artistiek project, Ghent. Panelist. Paper: “The Work as Anomaly”
  • Theoretical Holland: Reflections on Thirty Years of Art History in Holland, Jong Holland and Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. Panelist.Film and Theater Department, University of Antwerp, Belgium. Guest lecture on the American Neo-Avant-Garde.


  •  Mel Bochner: Language, Art Institute, Chicago. Panelist. Paper: “Towards a Theory of Boundaries”
  • Production Aesthetics”, Workshop Free University, Berlin. Panelist.
  • Acting Out Technology, Workshop, APT and Aisthesis, Brussels. Guest speaker.Presentation: “Network Models in Expanded Cinema”
  • Art History Department, University of Leuven, Belgium. Guest lecture on Institutional Critique.
  • Argos, Brussels. Guest lecture on Richard Serra.
  • University of Ghent, Belgium. Guest lecture on the Genealogy of Expanded Cinema.
  • Orchard and Extra City, Antwerp, Belgium. Guest Lecture on Michael Asher.
  • Forums-Vorträge, University of Basel. Guest Lecture.Paper: “On Frames and Networks, or The Museum Fictions of Marcel Broodthaers”


  • Verkehrte Symmetrien: Zur topologischen Imagination in Kunst und Theorie, Museum Moderner Kunst, Vienna (October 22). PanelistPaper: “This Way Brouwn: Topologies of Post-Minimalism”
  • Video and the Moving Image, Performance Workshop, Paul Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles. Panelist.Presentation: “Dan Graham vs. Dean Martin: Media and Performance circa 1970”
  • The Ghostly Social Aspects of Cinema, Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht. Panelist.Paper: “A Cinematic Politics of Translation: Lawrence Weiner’s First and Second Quarter
  • Center of Contemporary Art, Glasgow. Guest lecture.Paper: “Andy Warhol’s Inner and Outer Space


  •  Studium Generale, University of Groningen. Guest lecture on Andy Warhol


  • Transatlantic: European and American Art in the 1960s and 1970s, College Art Association Conference, New York. Panelist.Paper: “The Mobile Studio of Gerry Schum”
  • M.A. Degree Program, Christie’s Education, New York. Guest lecture on Artist’s Film and Video.


  •  University of Groningen, Groningen. Guest lecture on Video Installations.


  • The Artist’s Film After Pop and Minimalism, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York. Panelist.Paper: “The Panoramic Film: Post-Minimalism and Publicity”
  • Eine andere Kunst – ein anderes Kino, Kino Arsenal, Berlin. Panelist.Paper: “Marcel Broodthaers: Cinema as Device”
  • Film as Installation, Society of Cinema Studies Conference, Washington, D.C. Panelist.Paper: “Film as Installment: The Case of Marcel Broodthaers”


  • Journal/Isms, Réclame symposium series, Swiss Institute, New York. Panel chair. 
  • Emerson College, Boston. Guest Lecture.Paper: “Cinema as Decoy: The Case of Dan Graham and Marcel Broodthaers.” Paper also presented at the University of Texas, Arlington, and Oakdale University, Michigan.


  •  Taking Stock of the Museum: A Roundtable Discussion, Réclame symposium series, The Drawing Center, New York. Panel chair.


  • Conceptualism: International Style or Local Strategy?, College Art Association Conference, Toronto. Panelist. Paper: “David Lamelas: Media Concepts”


  • In Advance of ‘Pictures’: Photography in Recent Artistic Practices, Réclame Symposium Series, David Zwirner Gallery, New York. Panel chair.
  • The Media in Question: Practices of the 1960s, Réclame symposium series, Greene-Naftali Gallery, New York. Panel chair.Paper: “Filmic Habitat: Bruce Nauman and Marcel Broodthaers.” Paper also presented as a guest lecture during 1998 at the Jan van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht, The Netherlands.


  • The Temporary Exhibition: Medium and Message, College Art Association Conference, Boston. Paper: “The Museum as Film Studio: Décor: A Conquest by Marcel Broodthaers